Does Your Gunite Pool Needs Resurfacing? Look For These 3 Red Flags


Like your home’s roofing or driveway, time can definitely get its toll on your inground swimming pool and you need pool renovations Fort Lauderdale. ┬áDeterioration on a swimming pool over a protracted time frame is somewhat unavoidable, especially when it’s exposed to freeze and thaw cycles, pressurized drinking water, and disinfecting chemical substances year after year. Oftentimes, pool resurfacing can perform wonders for your aging pool area and take it back to existence. That said, below are a few telltale symptoms resurfacing your gunite swimming pool is effectively overdue.

3 Signs It’s Time To Consider Resurfacing Your Gunite Pool


Stains can be found in all shapes, dimensions and colors. Typically, a stain on your pool’s surface is definitely superficial damage — often more troublesome than considerable. But just like that stain on your favorite t shirt, we understand precisely how irritating a pool stain is usually when it results in being the one thing that attracts your eye every time you’re near your pool area.

Most pool surface area stains are caused by the following:

  • Chemical and nutrient inputs
  • Leaves and other natural debris
  • Algae (red or green)

If stains develop in size or variety, or if frequent attempts to clean up and remove your stains are unsuccessful, it’s time to resurface your pool area.


How does your pool surface area think? If it can feel rougher than you think it will or in case the gunite is beginning to show through, effectively, that’s a large purple flag. Your pool surface is usually deteriorating. And it will only get worse if you dont call pool renovations fort Lauderdale.

Pro Idea: In addition to staining, unbalanced pH amounts in the pool’s water can pit and deteriorate a pool’s area. If you are having to clean up your pool a lot more than usual, there is a good likelihood your pool area is pitting or your swimming pool chemicals are progressively imbalanced — or both.


How well can be your pool holding drinking water? The likelihood of a worn out or damaged swimming pool surface leaking drinking water is great.

Do you find yourself contemplating: “Didn’t I simply add water last week?” That might indicate you have a leak.

And much such as a deteriorating surface, swimming pool leaks will only get worse if kept unaddressed. And that also means your water bill will keep increasing, up, up, until a complete resurfacing is done.

Gunite Pool area Resurfacing Options

As noted, there are many different resurfacing choices for gunite private pools. At pool renovations fort Lauderdale, we’re amply trained in all pool area surfaces, but there are two that we commonly apply a lot more than others — marcite and quartz aggregate. Here’s a brief explanation of both:


Made of an assortment of cement, normal water, and marble particles (or silica fine sand), marcite is really a standard plaster application for pool floors. Sometimes referred to as light plaster, this surface choice is trustworthy and provides a watertight seal over porous gunite.

Affordability and a smooth, traditional appearance are a few other reasons marcite is really a popular preference for pool owners. We also like this finish for the way it reflects light inside the swimming pool, as it makes a refreshing, brilliant blue effect.

Quartz aggregate

More durable than marcite, a quartz aggregate surface consists of plaster blended with small bits of quartz, goblet beads, river gemstones, etc.

Quite a few customers prefer this program because it is usually harder and more immune to staining — not to mention it gives a pool a lavish, unique look through custom blending options.

How Long Should it Try Resurface a Pool area?

So the area of your pool area is waving a reddish flag — or two … or three — and you’re spotting the necessity to resurface. Not so fast. There is a catch. You are not ready to turn off your pool for the indefinite timeframe because your pool has a couple leaks and stains.

Let pool renovations fort Lauderdale Your Maturing Inground Pool

We all years, and your pool area is no diverse. A very important thing you can certainly do for your growing older pool is to have a swimming pool professional conduct an intensive inspection. An expert will check all of the primary devices — pump, heater, filtration system, and drains — for leakages, malfunctions, and functions. They’ll examine the liner or plaster, the tile and coping for indications of aging that can lead to challenges.

The certified program professionals at pool renovations Fort Lauderdale can assess if a repair, replacing or renovation is your best option.